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We are looking for a used Chev Malibu or Saturn to pull behind our 35ft Adventure.
In that we will only use it for 3 months a year we do not wish a new one.

If you have one for sale please let us know.
We are new at this and WELCOME any suggestions of which is best etc. as my Wife has a handicapped condition which makes it a little hard for her to get in and out of a vehicle.

Thanks much.

C Nash

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Hi bakka,
Owned a Saturn and it was a great car and got supper mpg but, was very hard getting in and out for us. I have just purchased a automatic 4x4 4 door 2002 tracker and the getting in and out is easy. Rides fair but, it is a suv. Have not towed it yet. Got to get the baseplates. Most I have talked with like them and they can be towed 4 down. Finally got something with a Bow Tie Emblem on it again. Was begining to have withdrawlls looking at that ford emblem on the MH :laugh:


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We have found that Saturns are generally more difficult to get in and out of; don't know about Malibu's. Suggest you take a look at Honda; they are a good product, comfortable, easily towed without modifications even with an AT, and if you're only concerned with having something to tow behind the RV, perhaps an older model will work for you. For example, I found a nice '89 Accord for $2500. My 80 year old MIL can easily get in and out of it, and for the price, if anything major breaks it's a throwaway.