Dipstick Problem

[Vince] Has anyone besides me heard of an oil dipstick problem with Ford motor home chassis? Seems the owners manual calls for an oil fill of 6 quarts including filter but the full line on the dipstick takes 7 quarts.
What does this do to the motor?
Dipstick Problem

[GDAUTH] The owners manual is correct, 6 quarts with a new filter. As far as what can happen to the engine with too much oil, you can blow the crank seals or worse, the oil can foam. When the oil foams it loses its ability to properly lubercate the moving parts, this can result in severe damage to the engine including seized bearings, etc. When I owned a motorhome with the F53 chassis and V10 I had this fight every time I took it into my Ford dealer for service. I solved the problem by buying a a unit with a CAT Diesel.
Dipstick Problem

[Vince] Ihave over 13000 miles on my motor home and this is the first I have heard of this problem. To the best of my knowledge I have had no motor problems. Have I just been lucky or do I have a damaged motor? I talked to the Ford motor home hotline and was told to just wait for my next oil change and force them to just put 6 quarts in.
Dipstick Problem

[Butch] I agree with George Dauth with an addition, you can brake piston skirts by overfilling your crankcase. This would be totally ungood. The top mark on your dipstick is NOT the full mark. That dipstick is either Low / High or Max. / Min. The middle of the hatch marks is full. Insist that your service personnel comply with this. If they overfill it make them drain it out. Ford changed their dipstick markings some years back and even some dealers are not aware of this except maybe they are selling more oil. If in doubt, call the Ford hotline. Happy motoring, Butch