Disaster Averted!


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How come there are still over passes that still exist that could absolutely destroy a person’s TT? We were driving through Jacksonville, FL and my GPS started making this Cuckoo sound. I had no idea what was happening....about five seconds later, it hit me....I set that sound to notify me whenever a low clearance overpass was on my current route! The DW looked at the GPS and it told us an overpass measuring 10'3" was 5000 feet ahead on our route. WOW! You know, you are driving along, enjoying the world around you and it would be so easy to just drive up on this thing and it would just ruin your day, week month and year. We had time to avert the disaster. We just bought our TT in April and I saw all the videos of people forgetting they are towing a house on wheels and hitting overpasses, banks, etc. I was very concerned so I did the research. I found this website, LowClearances.com. It has downloads for over 5000 low clearances in the US for Tom-Toms, Garmin and others. This is absolutely the best thing I ever did. I just can't imagine the devastation of hitting an overpass. If anyone is interested try this link, Happy and safe camping everyone.

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Good point Russ and thanks for the update, so glads it all turned out OK for you


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I appreciate the tip. It seems like with all the construction constantly going on, they would have raised nearly every overpass by now. There should never be an overpass low enough for us to hit.