Dish Network vs. Direct TV

I am considering getting rid of my cable service at home and getting one of the Satellite Systems with internet access so that I can also take a receiver with me and have satellite while camping. Anyone have any advice? Should I let them know up front about using the system on the road or not? Thanks! :laugh:

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Dish Network vs. Direct TV

Never was a problem for us. Just took the receiver and extra dish and punched in the area code where we camped but we did not have internet access
Dish Network vs. Direct TV

I upgraded my Dish Network a couple of months aqo to newer recievers. I told them on the phone that I wanted to get a setup for my trailer. She told me all I needed to purchase was an extra dish. Told me to take one of my recievers out of the house, and use it while camping. That way, I only pay for 2 recievers. When the installer got here, I told him what I was going to do and he put together a dish and gave it to me. I got a tripod to set it on, but since then I have installed a roof mounted dish for customer and that is a great way to do it. You crank it up like a regular antenna and a readout on the wall tells you the angle. You set North with a compass, and dial it in. Really simple.
I do not have internet and don't think it works with Dish Network or Direct TV. I think there is a special dish for internet.


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Dish Network vs. Direct TV

quote: the Satellite Systems with internet access

Yes, there are two companies and they are pretty competitive but there is no one company that provides both TV and internet. You can get a dish from Direc Way, who is a division of Direct TV, that will get the internet. And while there are owners who do move them, Direc Way does not approve of self moved dishes on their system. You can also get the Direct TV attached to the same dish, but the service will be billed seperately and you will have to sign up seperately. Direc Way does have service by automatic seeking dishes for the internet, but those are mounted on the roof of the RV and can't be moved between the RV and the house. Doing that for the TV is not a major problem.

With Dish Net, there is a sister company who also has internet dish service, but again it is a seperate company and they also use a different dish, as does Direc. The other dish internet company is ( ) Starband. This company does now have an authorized program for users to move their own dish. That program is called the Manual Flyer Program. The way it works is that the dealer trains the user to act as an installer and once the customer passes the company test they authorize him to move the dish and to use the company tech. support services. You can also get an attachment for the Dish Net equipment to receive TV service on that same dish, but again it will be billed seperately. In this case the customer can easily move the dish and the receivers between the house and the RV. If you are interested in this program there are two dealers that I know about. They are:

Dish Network vs. Direct TV

While we haven't yet used it on the road, here's what we know. At home we have Directv and love it. Spoke with them and they said if the motor home has the dish, we can take the receiver from the house and plug it in. We cannot use TIVO because we wouldn't have land based phone lines. An RV salesman told us DISH brand has three satellites so you need to plug in the zip code to program. He recommended Directv because that wasn't necessary. I suggest you call both companies and get advice straight from the horses mouth. Also, we were only talking television, not internet.