DISH or Direct TV?


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When I get back home next spring, I'm gonna cancel cable tv AND try my luck with Sat TV. I'm just not sure which one to chose. Based on what I am paying for cable tv along with internet connections, I can get the over 200 channels Plus bells and whictles for what I am paying now and still save money. I've heard good and bad about both DISH / DIRECT TV. I know I'll need an extra dish to bring to Florida next fall and take one of the DVR/units out of the house to use while gone. I'm sure most folks that have SAT prefer their provider, but is there any suggestions you might be willing to make in order to help me make my decision? If not, that is ok.
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Funny, I've been yellin' about payin' for the crappy content on sat and STILL having to watch all those durn commercials! And the NEWS! Even FOX news starts out with ROSIE O'DONNELL any chance it gets!

To me I'm thinkin' NONE of it is worth payin' for!

Having said (ranted) that, we really get good use out of our TIVO DVR. The whole scheduling thing is great and the BEST part about it all is letting a show run on record for 10 or 15 minutes so you can FAST FORWARD THROUGH THOSE DURN COMMERCIALS!
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The only thing I was told is that Direct TV is the only one that lets you take it on the road. Dish does not. Could be wrong but that is what I was told. I have direct and it is fine but I do agree with Tex. No matter what you have the programing today sucks. Also, at one time Direct had an RV package when you connect and you can get a portable sat. from them. Good Luck
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I changed from dish to direct in the trailer. The reason I did this it is easier to find one sat. instead of two sat. that dish requires.
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I had Direct TV for a few years so I could get Turner Classic Movies, my cable provider didnt have it. At the time Direct TV had a better reputation for custermer service so I took them. I had no problems for the 2 years but went back to regular cable when they offered TCM . You need a clear view of the southwest sky for good reception. No trees or buildings in the way.Mine worked fine during heavy snow. Rain could cause problems sometimes and any kind of electical storm knocked it out.
Good luck choosing.

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Archer, I have had both and the Direct is easier to set up IMO. Like the others none are worth the price but, we have to have tv. You do need pretty clear view of the southern sky to receive signals but I have benn in very few areas that I was not able to get a signal. That's the reason I like the portable tripod so it can be moved around. The installer will generaly give you an extra dish if you insist :) You will lose signal in stormy weather and sunspots will also affect reception.
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Bush70 - 11/11/2007 5:18 AM The only thing I was told is that Direct TV is the only one that lets you take it on the road. Dish does not. Could be wrong but that is what I was told. I have direct and it is fine but I do agree with Tex. No matter what you have the programing today sucks. Also, at one time Direct had an RV package when you connect and you can get a portable sat. from them. Good Luck
You can use DISH on the road. We actually got ours while located at Hurlburt Field FamCamp in Florida. They came out to our campsite and set-up the dish for us and we even bought the meter from them to enable us to find our satellites when we moved to another campsite. We got it from Satellite Beach, Inc. in Fort Walton Beach, FL. The manager, Joel Douglas, was extremely helpful.

We get both 110 and 119 satellites. Over 200 channels. Plus we recently just upgraded to the DVR and we love it for skipping commerials. What I love is I can be taping two programs at once and still watch one I previously recorded.

We are in our trailer 365 days a year. We have DISH while on the road in the south or back home in Illinois where we have a spot in the country where we live. We use an air card from Cingular (now AT&T) for our internet (equivalent to dial-up). We are pleased with DISH but it is my understanding that DISH and Direct TV are basically owned by the same people. So I guess it boils down to whether you want to be on one or two satellites.

BTW we are back in Hurlburt Field and have had no problem with hook-ups or reception!



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The bird lady is correct about Dish TV. We were i our motorhome at the time that we signed up for Dish TV and they sent an installer to our RV site. No question at all that this was a mobile location. Not sure where Bush heard such a story but Dish has been in use by RV customers for years and they still are. And the only difference between locating the satellite for Direct and Dish is that with Dish there is a skew setting that isn't there for Direct. But if you can set an elevation scale then it will take only a few extra seconds to set skew. Locating the satellite is exactly the same and if skew is set properly, you only find one satellite and the other takes care of it's self. To say it is harder with Dish is just one of the things some folks like to say to make theirs sound better. In fact, the best is which ever gives you the best package for what you prefer. Other wise there is little of no difference.

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Have had both and dish is easier to set up for me. Not saying mine is better just what is easest for me. Direct has been going on the blink for just minutes here lately than Dish did but might just be the time of year. Like Kirk said, it's just another matter of another setting but once on one satellite and the other takes care of itself. Direct came to our house and also installed the extra receiver in the MH. Well thats streching it a little bit, he didn't know which cable to connect where and I did that myself but he did set it in the cabnit :laugh:
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Most dishes have Dual LNB's which allow a dual tuner DVR to record two programs at once. I use ours that way all the time.

Plus, you can watch something prerecorded while you are recording those two programs.

With ours, we can handle three crappy programs all at the same time! Ain't this a scam? You can watch crappy TV programs for free on the public airwaves or you can watch crappy TV for $60 - $100 per month on satelite!

Man, this IS a scam! :disapprove:
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Up until a few months ago, I would have recommended DirecTV to you. It has been my experience that DirecTV was more RV friendly than Dish Network. In fact, probably 70% of my customers chose DirecTV. A problem arises with DirecTV adding new satellites, and unlike the current KU band satellites, they are KA band. So now, DirecTV is going to have programming on 5 different satellites, some being KU, and some KA. It is really causing some issues in the RV community. That being said, Dish Network is looking more and more desirable.

It is hard to say at this point exactly what programming is going to be on what satellite. And you definitely can use Dish Network in an RV. One of our best selling products is the MotoSAT MD500 which automatically locks on to 110 and 119 and we now have the MD1000 which locks onto 3 satellites at the same time.

It doesn't sound to me like you have a dish for your RV already. When you are looking for one, remember that you will always get a better quality picture, and get better service from an open faced dish than you will from a dome. The only reason I ever recommend a dome is if someone needs to watch television while the vehicle is in motion. Otherwise, a dish will deliver better performance. You can get dishes that will run multiple receivers, even multiple HD receivers.

I hope this has helped a little.

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I have Dish tv in New Jersey at my summer home with four receivers. Can I take one with me to California, where I winter and also use it on the way there and back which usually takes a month each way, and leave the others for my roommates to use? What is the best and cheapest dish to receive the signal on the road? Do I need something to help me locate the satellites. If so what would you recommend? Thank you for your time George
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I would like to update my previous post.

MotoSAT has now released a 5 head dish for DirecTV that picks up both KU and KA bands. You will now be able to get all DirecTV programming. This is a fully automatic dish. The dish should retail for between $2400 and $2500 installed.

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Jamie, I don't see any reference to ka band on any of the dishes on the Motosat web site. Perhaps it's too new. Is there any place on the web where I can get a look at the new one? I notice that KVH has put a note on their web site that basically says they are unable to do both ku and ka bands at this time. So whoever does it first gets my vote, AND my money !
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A few years back I'd bought a nice Directv system (dish, etc) during a great sale for my house, but when I went to install the dish - I had too many trees and it would have cost me a fortune to cut them down/trim them - whatever. So when I bought the PUP, I called DTV and asked about mobile service and they said sure - but, unless you notify us as to where you are on the road, you will be restricted to your 'home' programming (ie., home being east coast, and if traveling on the west coast I'd only get the east coast shows). The folks were great and not a problem for suspending service when not traveling. No contract, etc., (at least that was the last time I called). So, if I ever want to use the Directv, all I have to do is call them and activate service on my receiver card.

At that time, Dish Network wasn't as easy to deal with, but I've heard/read they now are agreeable to the mobile market!
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I have sent you a private e-mail with a pdf of this dish. If you did not receive it, let me know.

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Just purchased a Winegard Dish w/ std antenna that will replace the std antenna. We were planning to take one of our Dishnetwork receivers when we are on the road. While reading the directions, it mentions something about using a zip code if there is no signal. Does anyone know what they are talking about?
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"While reading the directions, it mentions something about using a zip code if there is no signal. Does anyone know what they are talking about?"

Read the installation instructions for the dish. The Zip Code is used in the installation process to determine the correct elevation and compass bearing from magnetic North.
The mounting "post" for the dish should be plumbed with a level to make setup easier without a satellite signal finder ($8 +/- on EBAY).


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I had dish network up to two years ago when they told me they do not I repeat they said they DO NOT support mobile rvers. I changed to direct tv and found I was getting more channels for a lower price. I had dish for 8 years previous to that. I also have the east west programming with directtv that gives me the major stations from New York and Los Angeles.