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We have Dish TV in our home and we would like to use it in our camper when we are on the road. What exactly do we need to do or purchase to take it on the road. I would appreciate any help in this matter. We are going to Galveston in June and would like to have our Dish channels. Phil


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Re: Dish TV Service

In order to use Dish in the camper, you will need to have a dish and a receiver.

For the dish, you can get one like on your house and a portable stand. Or a dome on the top of the camper. Or an 'in motion' array on the top of the camper. This goes from lowest price to highest price, and from most trouble to set up to least trouble to set up. The last one allows you to watch Dish while you are going down the road (not the driver, of course).

For the manual dish, there are gadgets which help you allign it.

For the receiver, you can take one from your house, or buy one (may be able to get a smaller one), or perhaps get another one from Dish.
Re: Dish TV Service

So let me see if I have this correct. I can use one of the receivers from my house and all I need to purchase is a disk (and stand) and then when I want to set it up, I just connect the two and head for the southern skies. I don't need another subscription or anything like that. Phil