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We will be spending months on the road and I am trying to decide the best way to have all the services we will need. We have purchased a dish to take along with us for-Dishnetwork-and bring a receiver from home. Now I need Internet service and was wondering if that is also available thru Dishnetwork??????? Has anyone set this up?


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Re: Dishnetwork/ISP

There are, or were the last time I checked, 2 satellite internet companies. Neither offers TV and the dishes are different than the TV dishes. However, you CAN get additional LNBs which can be mounted on the internet dishes to receive TV so you can get by with one dish. Still have 2 companies to deal with and 2 bills for the 2 services.

An alternative for internet is using a cellular 'air card'. Cost would probably be cheaper than satalite, but the satallite might have greater coverage area.


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RE: Dishnetwork/ISP

Unfortunately, DishNetwork does not offer any internet service that would be of use for RV’ers. There are pretty much 3 options for internet service while on the road.

1. Wi-fi service. In some places it is free, in others you pay per minute or per day/week/month. Generally you can find wi-fi in libraries, coffee shops, some fast food restaurants, etc. If you are only occasionally going to check your e-mail and can live without it for a few days if no wi-fi is available, this can be the least expensive option.

2. Aircard. This is a cellular-based service where you plug an aircard into your laptop, or a cellular router and can access the internet as long as you have a cellular signal. You speeds could be anywhere from dial-up speed to DSL like speed. It really depends on the area where you are. You can use the aircard while “in-motion”. Expect to pay from $0 to $200 for an aircard, depending on the service plan and your contract. Service costs $60 per month for the unlimited plan from the major carriers. I would recommend for additional information about aircards and accessories for them. The aircard is great for anyone wanting good service 75% to 85% of the time. (Aircards won’t work in areas that don’t have a cellular signal)

3. Satellite. Satellite-based internet is the most expensive option, and is generally chosen by individuals that MUST have an internet connection WHEREVER they go. If you run a business, or are really serious about needing internet access, this might be the way to go. Satellite internet hardware will start at about $1,200 for a manual tripod unit (monthly service $60) and $5,000 for a rooftop automatic DataStorm (monthly service $80). The prices quoted above are for HughesNet service and you can expect to get about 700+kbps/80+kbps speeds. You will be able to use this service in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Alaska. For even more performance, you can get different Internet Service from iDirect or others. This will cost more money, but will provide you with better service.

In brief, these are your options.

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