Disneyland California

My family is thinking about going to disneyland this coming December. We plan on leaving on the 19th and once in California, we plan on staying for 5 days. Although this is our second trip there, it will be our first using an RV. Any recommendations/suggestions as to where to park the RV? KOA? Somewhere affordable? Thanks a bunch!
Disneyland California

gorlou -

I grew up in S. California. We have family that still lives there. While Disneyland is fun, I would not recommend staying in the near area! Because all of Southern Cal is easy to get to, I would suggest going down toward Newport Beach, Huntington Beach area. I know Newport Beach has a great RV resort right on the bay that is very highly thought of. I'm sorry I don't have the rates or name (I'll try and e-mail you later). While Anaheim is fun, with Disneyland and all, I just wouldn't feel safe staying in an RV park there. Whenever out of state relatives wanted to go to Disneyland, my parents would always give them motel and hotels AWAY from Anaheim. Unfortunately, while safe during the day, I don't think I'd feel real comfortable staying overnight in an RV park there. Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, La Mirada, even Costa Mesa are only 25-35 minutes away if you go up Beach boulevard.

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