Do have MS Works or Word ?

John Harrelson

New Member
Well folks, winter is just around the corner and that means lots of 'puter time instead of RVing time..
You might want to find a few minutes to upgrade some of the programs on your computer while the upgrades, plug-ins and other bells and whistles are FREE for the downloading..


Bring up the MS works on your screen and click on"HELP".
Then click on "ABOUT WORKS".

If the version you have is not "Works 8.5" then take the time to go to the MS download site and update it for FREE..

You only have until September 30th to do so for FREE....

After Sept 30, you will have to pay for the new 8.5 version.... over $100.00

Here is the link to the page..... READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY... you may not need the second part of the download.

WORKS version 8.5 FREE