Do I need to throw a switch?

Well, tomorrow begins the maiden voyage of our newly-acquired 1992 Prowler. After I've driven the camper to a few places I've been able to put on the radio and lights thanks to the battery. When I plug the camper into the campground's outlet tomorrow, do I need to throw a switch somewhere, or does the converter automatically kick on and supply power to the unit?
Re: Do I need to throw a switch?

Hey, thanks again, Chelse. I'll let you know how the trip goes.

It's just going to be me and my 10 year old son and a mess of tools. This trip will let me know what works and what doesn't. I'm really curious to see what happens when I hook up the hose to the unit. I'm sure the previous owner didn't winterize. I think I'll do that tomorrow in the driveway with my Goodyear rubber hose before I leave. No use in buying a good white hose this year if the water system leaks.

C Nash

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Re: Do I need to throw a switch?

that's a good idea to ck in the driveway minky. Don't fill the tank with that goodyear hose. It can leave a terrible taste in them.


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Re: Do I need to throw a switch?

Why not get a drinking water certified hose? Most 'garden' and 'maintenance' hoses are made with harmful chemicals. You should never put water into the system except with a drinking water certified hose. And never use a water hose for anything else except supplying drinking water.
Re: Do I need to throw a switch?

Got the white hose, Rhino sewage hose, and clear 90 degree attachment this morning.

When I checked the fitting of the holding tank this morning I couldn't believe that the previous owner didn't clean it out before she sold it to me. I didn't check to see if the valve was open (it was) and what a surprise I got when I took off the cap. Not too much, but still very unpleasant. Thanks for the tip on the gloves. That saved me.

Well, I'm out the door. Sure hope it doesn't rain.