Do UltraSonic Mice Elimiantors Really Work?


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I store my 2002 Georgie boy Landou inside a great storage building. However I have already notcied with the end of September some mice droppings inside the coach.

I've heard all kinds of ideas about keeping mice out of RVs including shavings of "Irish Spring" soap in a dish and placing into the cabinets and throughout the coach. I have alse seen some ads in my research about the UltraSonic Plug-ins to keep mice out of rooms. I guess they omit an undectable sound to pets and humans but keep mice away. Do any RVr's out there have an opinion of if these work or any other ides? also ... what about the engine compartment and keeping all critters out of there?

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I am new to the furum and look forward to all and any ideas!


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Re: Do UltraSonic Mice Elimiantors Really Work?

Hey kszaronos, welcome to the forum. Spread laundry fabric softener sheets inside your RV. Also, spread moth balls under the RV and in the compartments. They are both supposed to work. The best way is to put the old fashioned spring loaded trap inside your RV using cheese for bait. Better check frequenly to remove dead bodies. :eek: