Do you travel with house plants and pets ?

John Harrelson

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Some folks like to take a potted plant with them in their RV when traveling. I have seen everything from Orchids to Roses.. from herbs to pansies..
What kind of plants do you travel with and does your pet get along with the plant ?

Being a true southerner, I love grits and eggs in the morning for breakfast.

Therefore I always have a grits plant growing in a five gallon pot.
It requires very little attention but does need lots of water. I give it about one quart of water each morning and evening. When the weather is nice, I place it outside in the sun.

The only problem with having a grits plant in an RV is that it grows to seven or eight feet tall and you can't prune it back like other plants. A couple of times I had to open a roof vent to allow it room to stand up straight, since the RV's ceiling is only six and a half feet.

Since fresh eggs are sometimes hard to find in the larger cities, I always carry "little Red" with me.. She loves to travel and will sit up on the dashboard and watch the cars go by.

I have a "nesting box" made out of a cardboard box filled with fresh grass and hay. Every day she lays two eggs in her nest.. except when on Saturday mornings when the cartoons are on.

When the cartoons come on she gets excited and lays four or five eggs instead of only two.. When this happens I end up giving the extra eggs away..

Little Red likes to "roost" on the steering wheel at night so I have to remember to place a towel under the steering wheel before going to bed to avoid having a mess in the mornings.

Thats the only thing bad about having a chicken for a pet, they are hard to housebreak.

God !! I love the RV lifestyle , Don't You ?


Charles Holley

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Do you travel with house plants and pets ?

John, I tried that combination, almost!

I used a rooster instead of a hen so that he could act as a guard dog.

Didn't work too good since the rooster ate my grits plant!!!

Rooster did barbeque good though... ;)


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Do you travel with house plants and pets ?

C'mon John, even if you use the Chinese or Muslim calendar, April Fools' day is still a few months off!

Where I come from, grits is made from grinding up dried kernels of exactly what is your unpruned grits plant sprawling out through your RV, budding with fresh grits for the picking? And if it's so large, how do you get it through those tiny RV doors?!

I don't even want to think about how you go about getting fresh milk, hamburger, and bacon!


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Do you travel with house plants and pets ?

The last time I saw plants that size growing in an RV it was Willie Nelsons tour bus.
After smoking that stuff, I think I'd see chickens roosting on my steering wheel and laying eggs, too!!! :dead:

C Nash

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Do you travel with house plants and pets ?

John I hope the camping season starts soon or I think they will be commiting you :laugh: . Better get you a parrot so you will have someone to talk to :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


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Do you travel with house plants and pets ?

I agree with CamperTech on this one. Sounds to me like John has been on Willy Nelsons bus already. Will not be long and John will be singing "On The Road Again"
I had a chicken when I was little and gave her food coloring near Easter so I wouldn't have to color the eggs anymore. Hey John, I have a beach home for sale in Arizona right on the ocean.