Dodge 3/4t axle ratio

[pete ionescu] I got a Dodge 3/4t with 3.54 rear end and I want to change to 4.10 for a better towing.How much gas I will burn more with the new rear end and how much will I have to pay to do the job?Thank you.
Dodge 3/4t axle ratio

[Scott milton] Don&#039t know about the dodge, but...I changed my Chevy 3.42 to a 3.90. Dropped 3 mpg but picked up much needed extra power. Cost ? $200 for a rear end out of a junkyard - swapped it myself. Dealer wanted $1,200 + Labor for same thing. Point - IF you put in new gears, they MUST be broken in the same as you would an engine. Don&#039t tow for the first 500 miles or you WILL ruin them. Happy Camping, Scott