Dodge 440 RV Cam Options?

Dodge 440 RV Cam Options?

I would look at Competition Cams Xtreme 4x4 cams ,put one in our pickup and really like the power range, bet they make one for a mopar 440. Call Comp Cams at 1-800-999-0853 CAM HELP for help.They are good to work with ,and have a good product. :laugh: :cool: :bleh:

Gary B

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Dodge 440 RV Cam Options?

Hi LotRott74, this is my opinon but I'd never open up a good running engine to install a non stock cam which may or may not help. I understand that slow-canoe has had good luck, but I know several persons that did not get the results they wanted and were then stuck with what they had. If you want to improve the power/preformance I'd install a TBI fuel injection system they make them for the 440 and it comes with a computer that you can dial-in as you drive, also there is a turbochager kit for the 440 and it makes a big difference in power/preformance. One of the big things with the old 440's is the old carb thats on them, and getting them to preform as they should. Good luck with the project, you'll have a nice mh when your done, my Anunt & Uncle had one like that about 20 yrs ago. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Dodge 440 RV Cam Options?

I know the Fuel injection sounds nice and would probably help with cold starting and smoothness of the throttle, but to change the torque curve you have to change when and how much air/fuel mixture are put into the cylinders and this is controled by the cam shaft, valves open valves close and cam sets the pace. Also done by a good mechanic this is a reliable upgrade,the after market fuel injection will have problems finding some one to work on it over the road. The cost differance 100.00 to 250.00 for cam ,lifters and gaskets compared to 1000.00 and up for a fuel injection set up.
Call Comp Cams , Crane Cams Or Luniti Cams and they can help you pick out a cam that will work for you. :) :bleh:
Dodge 440 RV Cam Options?

Gary B you sound like my dad (who was a very wise man, like yourself)..."don't fix it if it ain't broke" ;)
That fuel injection sounds sweet too, Hummmmmm maybe down the road? I have to side with slow-canoe on the cam issue, the cam decides the "breath" of the engine or how it breathes. And if you choose the right one you can shift the power curve down for better towing or RV performance where torque and grunt are what's needed, I figure there is no need to wind a big block any higher than 4500 RPM anyway? Crane makes one that looks like it will work just fine. Im just glad I got the first shot at this fossil for $3500...with $1300 of brand new rubber on it I figure I really paid $2200 for it :bleh:
My first move is to get the rear brakes to has NONE,ZERO,ZIP in the rear :dead:
But the interior does not have rip one in it :laugh:

Keep watching for Project Lot Rot Updates...I am armed with a digital camera and Im not afraid of using it :evil:

Dodge 440 RV Cam Options?

Just found out my engine is a 440-3, so Gary B's idea of leaving it alone makes the most sence now ;)
Thanx for the input guys!