Dodge Durango/Dakota Front end problems

Hey... Read an article on CNN about front end problems... Ball joints failing on 2000-2003 Dodge Durango's and Dakota's... Just thought I mention incase any out there has one or knows some one with one... My wife has one, and she's complained about crunching noise when she makes a hard turn and hits bump, like going up a drive way... she has taken to Performance Dodge in NJ and they said there was nothing wrong... well it looks like they were wrong... gee why am I NOT surprised....


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Dodge Durango/Dakota Front end problems

I have had many of these in my work fleet and have had the front tire fall off on two of them in the past two years. Luckily nobody was hurt, but I have told all of my guys to get them in for inspection and repair if necessary asap.
Dodge Durango/Dakota Front end problems

I have a 2000 Dodge Durango and my front tires were badly worn on the inside way too early. I brought the vehicle to Dodge and they claimed all was fine. They said the tire wear was due to my driving!! I immediatly took the car to my local shop and right off the bat he told me my ball joint was no good. This was a couple of years back. I had him replace the ball joint and put new tires on and I am currently still fighting Dodge for the reimbursment. Looks like my fight just got a little easier.
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Dodge Durango/Dakota Front end problems

Is this only for the Durango's and the Dakota's? I have a 2500 Ram and sometimes the left front sounds like its grinding exspecially when backing up my tt or turning left from a stop without the tt. It doesn't happen all the time either.


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Dodge Durango/Dakota Front end problems

If the 2004 to 2000 Dacota has this problem, what does the 1999 have in it that the rest don't? Is my 99 going to fail just because it's 1 year older and not on the list?
Dodge Durango/Dakota Front end problems

They probably changed design on the ball joints in the year 2000 or beings the ball joints they are having problems with came from one manufacturer it could have been something in the manufacturing process such as hardening or finish frinding would be my assumption. But it is worth checking your unit out. From what I have read this problem rears its ugly head in the 20 to 40 thousand mile range. Whats the mileage on your unit?