Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

Need feedback from the 5ers! Test drove both the 2500 Dodge Ram High Output 5.9L Cummins Diesel and the Ford 250 SD 6.0 P/S Diesel. As I'm sure you know, Cummins has a good rep; however, I am impressed with advantages of the new drivetrain (automatic 5 speed) diesel combo of Ford.

As I said, I drove the Ford 6.0 P/S which had a Mexico production date of 6/5/03. I'll Need to pull 10,000 to 12000 lbs. of fifth wheel. I like the Ford power train over the Dodge, but given what I've heard about the Ford 6.0 troubles (seal leaks, Turbo's blown, hesitation on acceleration) it leaves me wondering. Any forum memebers experience with either the Dodge 2500 2003 Diesel or Ford 250 2003 Diesel would be appreciated.

Does anyone know if there are fixes to the Ford 250 S/D Turbo Diesel 6.0 due out that makes a wait to purchase worthwhile? If you do, I can wait.

What surprises me is that Novistar(International) makes the Diesel engine for Ford and, if my info is right, has been driving them for two years. If that is true, does anyone know why the problems haven't been resolved by know?
Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

Hi OldTymer,

My Ford hasn't had problem 1. As for the hesitation the more I talk to people about it I learn they are new to diesel or are going from a pre-Power Stroke to the 6.0 and are expecting more. If they would drive them instead of trying to drag race them off every stop light, they don’t have a problem.

I towed a 6000 lbs TT, with the bed loaded with about 1000 lbs of gear, 5000 miles during vacation this year. I was out pulling my father-in-law, who has a '98 F-250 7.3L with a camper, getting better fuel mileage, and in general making him miserable thinking he needed to trade his truck in. Also passed a good number of newer Dogs…. errrr Dodges on the hills.

That trip took us as high as 11000 feet over Bear Tooth Pass and as low as sea level at Puget Sound. I averaged 13 MPG for the trip and the truck never missed a beat. That is what prompted me to trade in the TT for the 5er 2 weeks after we returned.

The 2004 models of the F-250 are incorporating some changes that are supposed to chase out the bugs, but from a programmers point of view the definition of upgrade is: Take out old bugs, put in new ones. Anyhow those engines are to start being used the end of September.
Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

Thanks for the input Jay. I'm leaning towards the Ford 6.0 Diesel. I've been impressed with the test drives.
Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

You should include the GM Duramax in your selection. It is the most established design at present. Isusu provides the engine and it is a long established design. Allison provides the transmission. The performance is as good or better than the new Ford. Both Ford and Cummins have new engine designs which will take a year or two to become trouble free so you can benefit from their improved designs.


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Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

Keep in mind that 12000 pounds of 5th wheel means up to 2400 pounds of pin weight and 100-200 pounds of hitch weight added to the rear axel of the truck. Don't forget to insure that this won't put you over the Gross Rear Axel weight or Gross Vehicle Weight of whichever 3/4 ton truck you decide on. Pin weight has, in the past at least, been a big if not the biggest limiter of how much 5th wheel you can pull with a 3/4 ton and be within the stated limits...
Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

Hi! I just wanted the gentleman interested in the 6.0 Ford diesel to know that Ford Motor company does NOT currently have a fix for these vehicles and are buying many back as well as doing trade ins on different vehicles. I have an '03 Excursion with the 6.0 in it and it smokes and rocks like a Freightliner, like you wouldn't believe and has done so since the first recalls were performed at 7500 miles. After the 4 th attempt at repair, my technician was stumped and emailed Ford. They told him that they were aware of the problem , but did not currently have a solution and they would let him know when they did. That was 2 months ago and my truck still sits at the dealership. If you want more info, go to the search engine and type in 6.0 diesel and scroll down the first page. In particular I also have all of the documentation regarding Ford's inability to fix these problems to prove my case. I am filing for Lemon law along with thousands of other consumers. For the Ford 6.0, I say " RUN Away!!!! As far and as fast as you can!!!!! Buy the Dodge. Sorry for the bad news but if you look at the sites I have noted, I think you'll see what I mean. Good Luck!!! P.S. My husband is a diesel tech and contacted an International Rep. International only has a few of these engines out 'on test basis' acrossed the country. This is an engine made for Ford and their electronic systems.



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Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

Solestra's comments are interesting....

Over the past 18 months Ive been looking-at and thinking of a new diesel. I'm inclined toward the Ford 6.0 but some of the online reports have sort of scarred me off. On the other hand, over the past year and a half I have personally talked to atleast one 6.0 owner per month (gas stations, etc.) - and EVERY ONE (no exceptions) has been Very happy with their rigs (both 3/4 and 1T trucks).

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Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

I'm an International dealer. I work on that 6.0 all the time. I drive an 04 Dodge with the Cummins.
Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

I'm a Ford fan and I understand that they are going back to the 7.2 or another engine instead of the 6.0. I would rather have a super duty that was a couple years old myself.
Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

just bought a new...2005 F350 dually 6.0 diesel and it pulls our Everest 12,480lbs. greattttttttttt!!!! Has the super caba nd a long bed.....great machine.....ask me again in a year or two after I've got 20-30,000 miles on it.....Might be a different story.
Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

Hi OldTymer,
I just bought a new 2004 GM Duramax,( GMC with LT package ) they offer more that Ford or Dodge in 04 they have 310 hp and 595 lb's of toque ,they are quiet,and with that allison transmission (this is a animal) I am pulling a 27 foot 5 th wheel with No problem. I have fun with this hanging back behind those Fords just waiting for a steep hill and passing them leave them sitting there. My wife tells me that I am having way too much fun with this. But if you ARE leaning towards a Ford I here that they are going to put the Allison trany in them in 05. I also here that Dodge is having transmission problems. ButI am noticing more a more duramax out there. Go on line at GM you will find that it will be cheeper ..... I hope that this helps Just BeClaus
Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

i have a 2003 6.0 that i bought new in mar of 2003, it had a few bugs to begin with and after a few computor "flashes" they smoothed out the bugs and i think it tows awsome. the fuel economy is no better than my 99 7.3 but it is much nicer to drive and is quiter than the old one. i now have 40,000 miles on it and all is well.
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Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

Well son-of-a-gun, a durable, reliable GM truck finally? Won't that be a first. What is the world coming to? Guess I will believe it when I see it.

Dodge High output Diesel vs. Ford 6.0 Diesel

how do i figure out what my tk will tow at the pin weight. i have a ford 250 4x4 desiel and i am concerned with the pin weight of my rear axel. the 5th wheel pin ,weight is 3200 lbs, and the couch is 14,000lbs. will this 3/4 ton tk handle it? please reply email thanks