Dodge motors

I have a 1972 dodge motorhome. It has a 360 small block v8 with a two barrel carb. I was told that I might get better gas milage with a four barrel (provided I keep my foot out of it) any comments or advice. Thanks Nick
Dodge motors


Well here is the story. The primary side for the carbs are smaller on a 4 barrel so yes in theory you should get better milage.......unless you get into the secondarys in which case......................

Dodge motors


I'm a Dodge guy from way back. I don't think there is any reasonable way that you can improve fuel economy enough to matter. Headers, better exhaust, better intake manifold and maybe a 500-600 CFM 4 barrel will improve efficiency but I suspect that your motorhome is underpowered and because it will make more power you will use it unitentionly. It will just accelerate to speed and pull the hills better and you will use the efficiency getting there quicker without realizing it.

Overdrive will definitely improve your fuel economy but that is way to costly to be justified for economy reasons. :)

Course, if you have lots of money, a 300 hp crate motor from Mopar performance and a Gear Vendors Over/Underdrive will wake the old MH up and improve fuel economy too! Expect to spend about $6000 for that. You couldn't drive it far enough in 100 years to get that much back :laugh:
Dodge motors

Larry, Thanks for the info. No I don't have lots of money.So I guess I'll just keep it tuned up and go with what I have. It's a 16 footer. I've never had it out on the road yet. I'm remodeling the inside. It eas trashed. Also it's a 70's familly design and I'm making it into a single person or couple design. What kind of gas milage do you think I should expect? Nick
Dodge motors


If you take your shoe off, turn it upside down while holding it with one hand and tap the heel with the other hand, you can get most of the sand out. :laugh:

On the subject of your Dodge. If it is well tuned and you drive about 60 MPH I suspect that you will get about 10 MPG. It will be VERY sensitive to speed. Five MPH slower will do better, 5 MPH faster will do worse.

In addition to my motorhome, I have a '72 Ford pickup with an 11.5' slidein camper. It is my previous RV. I kept it because it ain't worth sellin' My gross weight is about 9K lbs. I get about 12 MPG at 55 and 9.5 MPG at 65. That 10 MPH cost be +20% in fuel. Your Dodge will do about the same.