Does Size Matter?


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OK sorry for the provocative subject. I have a 99 Durango with a tow rating of 5600 Lbs. I have been looking at 24-28 Bunkhouse type trailers. I've had one sales guy say watch weight not length. Another totally contradict this. Thoughts? Assume I'll buy a trailer around 4600Lbs dry and use the appropriate sway hitch and any other trick to help out.

Anybody have any experience with this kind of setup?



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Does Size Matter?

Be aware that 5600 lbs may be very optimistic. At least in the past, truck manufacturers would provide tow weight based on a stripped truck (no accessories, no passengers, no cargo, a 150 pound driver and a gallon of gas). Actual capacity was several hundred pounds less.

And, trailer dry weight is also unreliable, as it often does not include all accessories installed.


Your best bet is to have your truck weighed ready to travel, and subtract that from the GCWR to find out what you can really tow. And then look for a trailer with a GVW less than that...