Dolphin Wind Noise

Jim C

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I have a 34 foot 2005 Dolphin LE. After about 6,000 miles I started to hear a high pitch whine from the front end at speeds over 60 MPH. I have ruled out tire noise because I can go from one road surface to another without changing the sound. I have also ruled out engine/trans noise because shifting out of OD to 5th does not change the noise. It seems to be related to speed and wind conditions.

My first thought was the horns mounted on top. I wraped them in plastic but that didn't help. My second thought was the leveler springs. I wraped them in duct tape but that didn't help either.

It first started after I changed the engine oil and filter and also changed the trans filter. However, I can't see how this relates. Fluid levels on both the engine and trans are full.

Has anyone experienced this noise problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Dolphin Wind Noise

Could be mirrors. Try changing the angles. Change the angle of your radio antenna. See if something got caught in the grill area. Check windshield area for fit. I have seen windshields that don't fit quite right try to fall out after 5000 miles. Check your belts for tightness. Also check your idler pully if you have a serpintine belt. There are just so many things and I don't know if you have a wistle or a squeal.


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Dolphin Wind Noise

My son had the exact same problem with his Dolphin. Found out it is wind noise through the grill. National has a fix for the problem. Suggest you call your dealer or National and they will send you the parts necessary to fix it. Here is the discussion about the problem on another forum. Not sure it applies to the 2005 models but might help you out.