Dometic fridge (again) - Part 2


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Thanks for the response to my previous post re: the gas flame.
I'm convinced I'm getting enough heat to the flue and it is clean etc. The temp in the fridge won't drop below 60.
I've even tried 12V and gas at the same time to maximize heat in the flue. Still no decent cooling. What is my next step ?


RE: Dometic fridge (again) - Part 2

what color is the flame when u are on gas???
It should be a royle blue color ..
how does the fridge work on ac???
I kinda sounds like u'r ammonia may be kinda leaking out,,IMO :)


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Re: Dometic fridge (again) - Part 2

You should never turn on more than one heat source, it could do more damage to the unit. I assume its a RM2193 or similar since you can turn both heat sources on at the same time. It could be something as simple as your T-stat or as expensive as your cooling unit. You should probably take it to a reputable repair facility and have it checked.