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Has anyone had a problem with their Dometic microwave? I just replaced one that is less than 2 years old and the new one I put in seems to have a glitch in the electronics. Every once in a while when it is running it will shut off and the read out will say "Please set time of day". When you reset the time it will run fine until it does it again. Usually days before it does it again. Has anyone had a similar problem?
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Mine was doing that and I found the electrical plug I was using was going bad. Replaced plug and have not had anymore problems
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Does the microwave have adequate cooling air circulation? Our Goldstar microwave was enclosed into the overhead cabinets, and doesn't have adequte air circulation. It quits if run over 6 minutes continously or closely spaced cycles of over 3 minutes. If it stops it requires a 10 min cool down. Had it for 12 years so we just got used to the heating problem. I'm not a carpenter so haven't taken any remedial action to remodel my RV cabinets. Makes it hard to cook with. :(
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We have had Dometic is in all our trailers for about 2 years. We honestly don't have problems with them. Something is going on with your power source or maybe you do have a glitch in the electronics of your microwave. Reading the above posts, heat does do strange things.