Dometic Refrig. Problem

The Dometic RM3862 2 way refrigerator on my 1997 Holiday Rambler won't light on propane. I can light it manually, but it won't stay lit or light electronicly. I have been told that it most likely is a bad circuit board. Does this sound likely? I don't mind buying the part, but I don't want to buy a non returnable board if it is not the problem. I was also told that if I replace the board I must replace some other parts. Is this true?,and what parts were they refering to? Thanks for your help.

Gary B

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Dometic Refrig. Problem

Hi muskybob, is the check light coming on after trying to light on gas? Does it work on ac, if so it most likely is the circuit board, try removing all the ground wires, next to the cb at the back of the refer and see if this helps, have you cleaned the burner area real well? If its the circuit board try these folks they make a replacement CB that is far superior to the OEM CB and they have a 3 yr. warrenty as opposed to a 1 yr. The dino CB would be a micro P-711, the dometic board is known to fail, due to a poor ground system and the replacement parts you asked about more then likely is a new ground hareness assy. good luck. :) :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Dometic Refrig. Problem

Thanks for the info Gary B. The check light comes on after trying to light on gas, & yes it's OK on ac. The burner is cleaned also. I'll try the dino board when I can find a dealer in this area(Upstate,NY). Going to the dino site now. Thanks again for the help.
Dometic Refrig. Problem

When I replaced my board in my RM3803- the bast price to be found for the dinasour boards was : the one for your system is $99 :clown: My problem was it wouldn't light on AC - check light came on - it was the board.