Dometic RM460 fridge thermocouple questions?

Hi, I have a Dometic RM460 fridge in my 1983 Hi-Lo. The gas flame in the fridge lights fine when I hold down the button, but it goes out when I release the button, no matter how long I hold it in.

I took out the thermo couple and tested it with a flame from a lighter and a digital voltmeter. I got about 18 to 19 milivolts out of it. Does any one know if this thermo couple is good or bad?
Also this is a unique thermo couple. It has a rigid tube about 4 inches long built into it that supports the flame end. It dosen't seem that a universal thermo couple could be easily substituted, and my local RV store dosen't have this part. Does any one have any experience with these that could fill me in on how to get my Fridge working again? Thanks, Joel

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Dometic RM460 fridge thermocouple questions?

Hi Joel, try cleaning the end that screws into the gas valve with scotch brite or steel wool and carefully clean where it screws in,then give both a shot of WD=40 and try it could be a little corrsion on either end not letting the valve sense the milivolts. No a universal thermocouple will not work as the screw in end is metric. Good luck. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Dometic RM460 fridge thermocouple questions?

Well, the parts were all ready quite clean, but I buffed them up really super extra shiney clean. Still not working. So it has to be either the thermo couple or the saftey valve I would think. Does any oneknow a good source for these parts? Thanks, Joel
Dometic RM460 fridge thermocouple questions?

If you can find a replacement 'universal' thermocouple that will mate on the threaded end to your unit, the "flame end" is not that critical. You might be able to leave your old unit in to support whatever else is in there, so long as your new 'couple can be mounted so as to keep the end in the flame of the pilot.
Replacement thermocouples are not hard to find in various lengths and are only 5-10 bucks, so are not an expensive "experiment" to try.
If you think about it, thermocouples get the most abuse... sitting in that flame all the time. No wonder they go out, and it's a wonder they don't fail more often than once a year or so.