Don't buy this DVD or Videotape


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In Response to “This is Nowhere…a High Plains Film” DVD

I viewed this “documentary film” on RVers that “steer their RVs into Wal-Mart parking lots each year to camp for a night or two” and was very upset. I hope fellow RVers won’t purchase this film as it highlights many negative aspects of behavior that I know don’t represent the majority of us that appreciate using Wal-Mart parking lots while traveling.

The RV people we have met during Wal-Mart overnight stays are considerate in finding an out of the way location that doesn’t block truck delivery access or parking for customers. We walk our pets on leashes away from the parking areas and always clean up after them. We don’t set up lawn chairs and let our pets run loose or leave trash on the ground. Running ATVs in the parking lots is inappropriate and they are not playgrounds for children. The film depicts a person that brags about buying shoes at Wal-Mart and wears then out then returns them for new ones repeatedly!

This so called “documentary” is slanted towards depicting inappropriate examples of behavior when staying in Wal-Mart parking lots and should not receive support by purchasing it.

C Nash

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Don't buy this DVD or Videotape

Sounds like maybe a campground publication trying to stop the overnight parking :( i have stayed a few times, after getting the ok from the manager, when we were just going to stay a few hours late at night while travling. Never put out slides, jacks, awning or chairs. Pick up trash, not mine, around camper and leave out early. I have never seen any campers taking advantage of this but :) , know there are some out there :(