Don't take your big rig to Oregon

Dave Scott

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FW: Governor Kulongoski referral: Case #70230

And this from a state that has gigantic logging trucks careening down the highways and by-ways.

David A. Scott
Central Coast, California

Dear Mr. Scott: Governor Kulongoski has asked me to respond to your e-mail concerning the length restriction on motor homes in Oregon.
It is unfortunate that the vehicle you recently purchased exceeds the length requirement for our state. We can appreciate your frustration at not being able to drive your vehicle in Oregon. In addition, Oregon state statute does not provide for special permits to be issued for motor homes exceeding the legal length of 45 feet. Although you may disagree with these limitations we support our legislatures' decision to limit the length of recreational vehicle on our highways.

Please be assured, it is not our intention to create problems for tourists in our beautiful state and we hope you find an opportunity to visit us sometime.

Rebecca L. Thoreson
ODOT Citizens' Representative
355 Capitol Street NE, Rm 135
503-986-4366 Direct Line
503-986-3432 Fax


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Don't take your big rig to Oregon

I take big rigs into Oregon all the time and have never been stopped because I was too long. Oregon allows you to tow a boat behind yor 5th wheel for crying out loud. Why would anyone want to ask a bureaucrat about motorhome length anyway? If you don't tell them they won't get out a tape and measure.


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Re: Don't take your big rig to Oregon

This sounds as silly as the one I read once about a couple who had restored completely an older Dodge motorhome. They pulled into a campground where they had made reservations and were told their rig was too old. Didn't make any difference that it looked brand new and better than most of the other rv's in the park. They weren't allowed in. Strange things happen when people make rules without understanding the outcome. Of course, the guy driving the motorhome doesn't have a CDL license like those trucker carreening down the highways.


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Re: Don't take your big rig to Oregon

I'm an Oregon resident, and I can certainly tell you that the 45 foot maximum length is for the coach only, not the coach and a towed vehicle or boat. Private vehicle (non PUC licensed) can not run "triples", but 45' is NOT the limit for the vehicle plus towed vehicle. I don't recall the combined maximum length, but it seems like it's something like 65 or 70', but you can get that info from the web. Stan