Don't Want to Winterize!


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We use our RV year round, but have to store it in a place that does get below freezing now and then in the winter. If I'm diligent in draining the tanks and water lines prior to parking it, can I get away with not winterizing the thing? Hope you all say yes! The wife just told me she better not wash her hair with antifreeze! What do you think?


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Re: Don't Want to Winterize!

Yes, getting ALL of the water out of the water lines, or any place else it can expand and cause damage, is a valid form of winterizing. Just not an easy one, and you never know if you achieved it until you pressurize the system next.

Low point drains, and blowing air through the system are some way of going about it.

Even if you do get all the water out of the water lines, it is wise to pour some antifreeze down all the drains, to protect water caught in the traps. Surely the wife cannot object to that.

The antifreeze is easier and more sure than trying to completely empty the lines. Or you could store the RV someplace that does not freeze :)

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Re: Don't Want to Winterize!

The option to anti freeze is blowing out the lines. When I pump anti freeze through my lines, I sleep at night. Seen way too may problems with blowing out. Seems you just can't get it all.

Put the anti freeze in, flush it till you see clear water and your wife will be fine.