double towing-class A license


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Hi, I want to get a comm class A license here in CA so we can double tow with a 5th wheel, and then to teach my wife, so she can get her license as well. I used to drive semis on the farm in Canada a couple of decades ago and had a class 1 license up there, but of course it didn't transfer over to the DMV when I came to the US. I've talked to a couple of truck driving schools here and they want $1000-1500 for a full class A course. I don't think I need all that - only a refresher, but of course, a class A license is needed to rent a truck/trailer and to get it to DMV for the drive test. Anyone have an idea of the best way to get my class A with a minimum of hassle and expense? I was thinking of advertising for someone who has a class A license and may be willing to drive around with me for a few hours, and then get a rental truck to DMV. What would a reasonable hourly rate be? Anyone else do this? Any suggestions???


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double towing-class A license

Check out the community colleges, some of them have truck driving classes (I was following a truck from our local CC; apparently they hadn't got to the part about going the speed limit yet :) ).

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double towing-class A license

Check out the state laws where you plan to travel. I realize some states allow it, but here in VA, towing double trailers is NOT legal unless you are a tractor trailer.

The only tow vehicle for doubles is a "tractor", or a truck without a body. The legal wording is something like "a vehicle unable to carry a load of it's own". You also have to use fifth wheels and pintle hitches, NOT balls. You also must use a dolly for the second trailer. You cannot hook directly to the first trailer. If you look at road trucks, there is a pintle on the rear of the first trailer to a dolly and the dolly has a fifth wheel.

I had a trooper in my office the other day and I asked if our laws had changed. He said "NO", but if someone travels through here and looks safe, they usually don't stop them. If you have VA tags, you are stopped.

We are not the only state like this. Our trailers are made in Indiana and dealers from Canada come in and hook up 2 campers quite often. Most of them don't make it to the border.

A little homework could save you a lot of headaches. Good travels.