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Not sure if this is second submission. Have 03 Winnebago, 8.1L vortec 1000 allison. Cannot tow 3200lb car while on cruise control as it shifts 4to5to4 on slightest grade, & will down shift twice with the engine screaming 4800rpm's. It shifts, not towing, after dropping 100-200rpm's. Allison in Tulsa OK drove the unit & agreed it was shifting tooooo much, called allison to get the codes to correct the problem. Allison would not give any codes, citing environmental concerns, so they changed the filter, charged me $400 & goodby. Workhorse dealer found no codes in the computer & advised nothing they could do. Seems Allison, Workhorse, Winnebago, nor the dealer cares as no response to my letter seeking help. Oh...forgot...Workhorse responded..said I could get an atorney. 1)Should I be able to tow while using cruise control? 2)Should this unit downshift after dropping 150 maybe 200rpm's? 3)should the computer allow 2 quick downshifts with engine screaming 4800rpm's?