I am leaving the full time life due to family and health problems. I really hate to give it up totally so I am planning to sell my class A & Jeep toad and go to a class B. Has anybody else out there down this and if so, what are your comments. We would be using the smaller unit for weekends and up to a month in the summer.
If anybody is interested in upsizing, I have a deal on a '99 well equipped and maintained 35' Winnebago Chieftain and a toad complete with tow equipment and auxilliary brake system. If interested, contact me at for details. Looking forward to your comments.

Janmarmil, We recently downsized from a 34 ft southwind to a 19 ft pleasureway-dodge-369-v8- "class b". Best thing we ever did. double gas mileage-easier to drive-easier to maintain and can go anywhere without a toad. radio man 7.262

I just went to a Roadtrek 19' and also think it is the best thing I ever did. Just like radio man said good gas miliage. I get 16 mpg and can take anything along I need. Just drove across the Penn turnpike and no trouble at all.
I think you will be happy with your class B.
Happy RVing,