Drag distances on maps


Ok I know you don't have a clue what I am talkin about but let me try to explain. Is there a map out there or better yet on the net that you can move your mouse along the highway and it will add up the travel distance? I know I had one somewhere years ago. I think it may have been on a Mac. For example. If I wanted to go from Winchester VA. to Tampa Fl. All I would have to do is drag my mouse along 95 and it would give me the distance.

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Drag distances on maps

Most any routing software (such as Streets and Trips, Map and Go, etc) has a similar function. Usually, you specify your start and end points, and make any modifications to the route selected. It is more accurate, as it follows the road 'perfectly', but does tend to keep you focused on particular points rather than the entire route.

Another option is one of those map distance thingies. It is cheap, small, and doesn't need power. All you do is roll the small wheel over the map route, and read (conversion may be necessary) the distance from the dial.