Drilling a cable hole


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I live full time in my RV and I am needing a new way to bring my TV cable into the RV. Rather than running it all the way across the room from the two cable jacks that I have installed already, I would like to drill a hole through the RV metal or even a window so that I could have the TV in the kitchen. I would be running the cable from my outside cable hook-up. Does anyone have any suggestions about how this could be done, or IF it is a feasible thing to do!! Thanks a lot! Got company coming Saturday, and this TV needs to be moved!


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Drilling a cable hole

Camping World had a device which is a flat cable, can run it right through the window and close it.

When drilling holes, make sure there is nothing (wires/pipes/etc) in the wall where you drill, and seal it up good afterwards. Usually cable systems in an RV are integrated, so this new cable outlet will be only there.

It may be better to run the wires inside the trailer, perhaps along the top of the wall where it meets the roof, and cover it with neutral color tape.