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I have a 1998 Kenworth K2000 that is licenced as a motorhome in Nebraska. Driveable with an ordanary DL.

I pull a 2007 Jayco ZX 18,000 pound fifth wheel toy hauler.

I only have a common drivers licence.

The Kenworth is liceced as a motorhome that weighs in excess of twelve thousand pounds as I recall.

From what I am gathering as I begin to read more and more, if the total weight of my train going down the highway weighs more than 26,001 I need a CDL?

The rig is about 20,000 pounds and the trailer is about 18,000 so I am at lets say 38,000 pounds. Is this an oops? Or is this a lets get a CDL? :question: :question:


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Re: Drivers Licence Question

I think you will find that the rules vary by state. My coach weighs 32,000 pounds and is rated to tow another 10,000 and the only licence I need in AZ is the same one I would need to drive a Cooper Mini. Other states may have different restrictions based on weight or axels or length or air brakes or even the color of your hair for all I know. But once you are legal in 1 state, you are legal in them all, by law.


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RE: Drivers License Question


As hertig stated, laws vary from state to state. You'll need to check with your State Department of Motor Vehicle Office.

Also, from what I've heard, as long as your tow vehicle is registered as a Recreational Vehicle, in most states a regular Drivers License or a Chauffeurs License will do. To play it safe, I'd call DMV. :cool:


RE: Drivers License Question

As long it is used for rec purposes only then u'r ok with a regular DL (not DL the diesel guy:),, ) if u think u might have some probs with u'r Dl just put on the side of u'r rig ,, rv use only not for hire ,, that way everyone knows it' an rv and not comercial ,, i have a customer that has a horse farm and he has several rv's ,, one a toter rv and 2 40ft classA ,, all three pull 36 ft trailers ,, but he has not for hire and for rv use only on all of them .. and has not had a prob one .. even at the wieghstations ,, even though he don't have to use them ,, JMO ,, but i think u'r safe :) :cool: