Driving RV's

Hi everybody. I am new to RV's, and I used to drive 18 wheelers but it is not as fun as a(n) RV. Does anybody out there know ho do I go about getting employed to transport RV's from the manufacturer to their destination, and vice versa? Anything that will help will greatly be appreciated.

Thank you
Driving RV's

HI there is a couple sites I have seen asking for such as this you are asking about. try searching on the net RVers JOBS...I can`t remember weather its workers on wheels I will have to look it up and get back to ya..
Driving RV's

These transport companies have web sites. Horizon Transport, Classic Transport Inc.,Quality Drive Away, Hoosier Transport and Jayco has their own transport company on their site by clicking on jobs. You must own your own diesel pickup and you pay for all your fuel. You are a contractor!!