Driving School

My wife and I just completed a Weekend RV Driving Course via the Dick Reed RV School. We had a wonderful weekend with Denny Orr at Congress, AZ. My wife was VERY uncomfortable driving the motorhome even after 3+ years. I think she feels MUCH better after spending much of the 12 hours with Denny. This old man even managed to learn a few things. Thanks Denny and the Dick Reed School. If anyone has an interest look at rvschool.com on the internet. No, I have no monitary interest, but had a GREAT experience.
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Do not forget to send your insurance company copies of both your "Successful Completion Certificates". You should get a discount...
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David first took me to a empty Lowes parking lot and then turn me loose, he just kept a eye on the light post.
Then when we were in Ocala Fla, he surprised me by taking in for the course. It was fun and a great learning experience,
Also the insurance rates did drop a little after I show them I could drive this unit.
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:bleh: Heres a little story.When I was working with the federal goverment they need semi drivers real bad.They said they would teach anyone that wanted to drive.So,I sign up.One day we had to go with army drivers and they would teach us,but first we had to learn how to stop N go.The fella I was with would'nt help me at all.The next day we found out the army pulled out.I was on my own.To make a long story short.I drove that Fraghtliner.My knockels were so red
when I had to stop at the tole booth in chicago.Did I get drunk that night.Stayed with it for 2years,made alot of money. :approve: