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Hello everyone!! Was just wondering what time of day , or night, that you preferred to drive. I have asked this question on several other boards and like the responses that I have been getting. :)Most seem to prefer daytime, but there are those who like to do it at night. Was just wondering what you guys think..........
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I prefer days. My nights are reserved for winding down from driving. A nice campfire, cold brew and a good nights sleep works best to combat the next days driving.

By the way...happy July 4th to everyone, be safe, and "God Bless America, you, and your loved ones"


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Daytime is for me! Driving at night makes my eye's burn from oncoming headlights etc... Besides, one of the reason I travel to distant destinations, is to "see what's out there" which can't be done at night! Getting there is half the fun...


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John, if I haven't ever been there, I like to drive in the day so I can enjoy what's over the next hill. Sure don't want to miss any of the sights in this free country of ours. Hate the rush hour big city traffic and will try to avoid it even if it means some night driving. I think every time I have ever tried to go through Atlanta, it has been rush hour, couple of grand kids crying, raining cats and dogs, windsheild wipers always quit working and always in the wrong lane for turns!! I do like early travel at the break of dawn but, had rather observe from my campsite. Oncoming headlights at night do seem to bother more than they use to, WONDER WHY, guess they are brighter on todays cars!!

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I traveled across the country two years ago from pittsburgh to yellowstone/grand tetons. Was towing a pop-up and did the 4am till 12noon or 1pm thing and I loved it. Because I was heading west the rising sun was at my back. Got a solid 4 hours in before the family (kids) got up. However, did this when I wasn't worrying about breaking down the camper. I those cases, daylight only and would try to have a much of the camper put away so it was just close it up and leave.

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Before I owned an RV, I would always drive during the night. Thats when the kids were asleep in the back seat and you did not have to make so many stops. Now that I have a coulple beds in the back I prefer to find a campsite and sleep during the night.