Hi - I've rented a few times, but I'm new to the full-time lifestyle (and very excited and nervous at the same time - where do I put all my stuff??)


Anyway, I'm planning to 'park & live-in' my 35' TT for a few months at a time at a residential location in NJ. They have a septic tank, but it is quite far from where the TT will be parked and would rather not do anything too permanent or that might raise their taxes.

I've looked into portable sewage tanks, but then I am assuming I have to drag it to a dumping station every so often to empty. I'd rather not do this.

Another option would be to have a service come to the house and drain a tank, like if I were to have a port-a-potty. Does this even exist?

Lastly, I was told to bury a 55-gal drum and put some holes in the bottom, like a cesspool. Um, ok...

So, I'm not sure exactly what to do. Your experience and input is greatly appreciated - thanks!


PS - I bought an '89 american traveler (might be GDL Industries now) - anyone have any ideas on this manufacturer/manuals, etc - I can't seem to find them on the web. Thx

PPS - also got a recommendation to get a macerator - like they have on boats - i think. Anyone know anything about these?

FYI the nearest dump site would be a few miles away - not within walking distance.


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The biggest portable tank in 30 gallons. Really not very practical for RVs with 40 gallon tanks or bigger, particularly if you have to go a few miles to unload it.

A macerator is a grinder which mounts on the 3" sewage pipe and grinds the stuff and pumps it through a 'standard' garden hose. How far are you from the septic tank? If 50' or so, you could probably use a macerator through a 5/8" or 1" garden hose to there.

thaks for the great info!

their septic tank would be pretty far and uphill from the trailer - also, preliminary research leads me to believe that there are no holding tanks (I think this is a park model, disguising itself as a travel trailer). So, I would have to find a solution quickly - or use the house loo for now.

Anyone hear of a smaller septic tank or know anything about composting toilets?