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I just bought a 39' Forest River Wildwood ...and no user manuals. Seems that the ducted AC (Duo Therm 13,500) works just fine when I have the diverter vent open to the main salon. When I close it to get air to the front and rear rooms through the ducts...I get no flow and the compressor seems to cycle quickly.
Can anyone tell me if there is an adjustment or something that I should make.
I cant figure out what's wrong.
Please help!
Dave S

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Re: Duo Therm Airconditioner 13,500

Sounds like your ducts are blocked. If this is a new trailer, take it back to your dealer. If not new, there is a lot that needs to be looked at.

They have used 3" wide silver tape to seal the system. You need to take each grill down and make sure the duct is sealed to the roof around the hole. You need to remove the grill, that your dump is in, and make sure the duct openings are not covered by something. I have seen rubber roof material not cut off, aluminum tape over the opening, etc. You will need to make sure the tape is sealing off the attic so air does not blow into it.

ALSO, very important, the plenum that separates the air return must be sealed off. If cold air blows across into the return side, it just circulates and super cools the air and it will cause freeze up.

If all this checks out, the ducts could be crushed. Air needs to flow. Blocked flow will also cause freeze up.

Good luck and welcome.


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Re: Duo Therm Airconditioner 13,500

These are all very good suggestions...I'm only up at the site on weekends...but I'm going to go through your list. I was just worried that there was an internal dam that I was supposed to open or something like that.
I thank you very much for your input.
Dave Schwibner