Duo Therm Furnace

I have an older camper with the Duo Therm furnace, model 65925-044. It will not stay lite. The camper is old, but new to me and has been sitting for a few years. IF and when it does light, the burner may, or may not light, but in a short time - 10 minutes to an hour - will go out. It is not windy out when this occurs so I don't believe it to be the weather. Any ideas? I was thnking of changing the regulator. Is this a good or bad approach to this problem? Where can one get parts for this model furnace? Any and all suggestions appreciated.

Ed H.

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Duo Therm Furnace

Is it a standing pilot system or electonic ignition?
If it has a pilot, the first thing I would do is check the pilot flame. Is it big enough? Does it make good contact with the thermocouple? It may well have some crud in the pilot burner and a shot of compressed air or a gentle tap with a screwdriver cn dislodge it.
If it has a spark-type ignition system, the flame sensor may be dirty or out of alignment, but for safety reasons, these things need to be handled by someone who knows what he's doing.
I would suggest asking someone at your LP supplier to take a look at it. The price of a half-hour exam is a lot cheaper than a heater malfunction.