Duramax/Allison Question.

Planning on Full-timing next spring. Have 2004 2500HD Duramax/Allison pulling a 14,000 lb Hitchiker 5W. That puts me about 21,000 on the hoof - about 1000 under GVWR. I want to put a Banks Exhaust and Six Gun tuner (or Edge tuner) to get more power/torgue as well as an exhaust brake. Does anyone know if the Allison can handle this combination or do I have to get another torque converter too? Thanks in advance for any ideas/help you can give me. Westcpr. :)
Duramax/Allison Question.

I also have an '04 2500HD. Our FW towing capacity, according to GM, is 15,700lb. I am not that familiar with what Banks has to offer, but I have been told that GM will void the warranty with an exhaust brake. You might want to check into that, since we have a 100K warranty on the engine.
I pull a 34' Gulf Stream Sedona that weighs in around 12k, after our "stuff". I have reprogramed my computer with Hypertech. I have my power set on +70hp. and about +120lb. of torque. With about 12 mpg towing, I am real happy with how the truck handles the trailer. Nothing against Banks, but Hypertech at $380.00, is a heck of a lot cheaper. Hypertech, or any of the many reprogramers on the market, will not void warranties. Good Luck!
Duramax/Allison Question.

Thanks for the info. That's very helpful. :cool: :) I have been mostly talking with power-enhancement places and all they want to do is sell me things. :dead: One other question. Do you have any problems with increased tranny temperatures with your setup?
Duramax/Allison Question.

Hope you find this, sorry I have not checked for a while. My trans. temp. at most runs 200 going up hill. I think it did the same before the reprogramming.