Dutchman 4 Winds Travel Trailer EPDM Roof Maintenance


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Hi all...
I have a new 2011 4 Winds Travel Trailer with a EPDM rubber roof... I was told that I needed to perform maintenance on the roof annually.
Do I need to apply a sealer to the seams of the roof and accessories?


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Re: Dutchman 4 Winds Travel Trailer EPDM Roof Maintenance

Hi Paul and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. Sorry it took so long to get back to you but other folks have been posting the same question and you can read the answers there. You have a brand new roof so all it will need is cleaning twice a year - once in spring and again in fall. Use Spic & Span. Do NOT use any cleaners with petroleum solvents or citrus solvents as they will destroy the EPDM membrane. While you are cleaning, check the caulking around everything that pokes thru the roof; stove and refer vents, bathroom vent, roof vents and air conditioner. Also check all joints and seams where the roof membrane joins the trailer. You have a new rig so you shouldn't have any worries with seams for a couple of years.

Be careful on the roof. It is not as strong as a house roof. If you are a big guy like me (fat), get a step ladder and clean from the sides with a long handle soft brush.

Post back if you have more questions and welcome to the wonderful world of RV maintenance.
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Re: Dutchman 4 Winds Travel Trailer EPDM Roof Maintenance

Jim, good advise.

I do tell my customers to inspect the roof twice a year. Since this is a new roof, your right that it probably won't need anything a couple of years. But do inspect the roof joints to prevent any problems.

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