[Jerry] I am a first time RV buyer. In trying to find out about different manufcturers, I read in another site&#039s review forum that Thor-built RVs are pretty much poor quality. This upset me a lot, since I had settled on a Dutchmen 5th wheel. Will anyone give any feedback on this question?

[G Behrens] Hi Jerry, the thing to remeber is that Dutchman&#039s are entry level rv&#039s, my wife&#039s cousin has had a Dutchman 5er for 8/9 years and has no problems with it. They are not as flashy and don&#039t have the bells and whistles, that Nuwa&#039s, Excells, Coachman&#039s, Jayco&#039s etc. have but they cost alot less also. Take a real close look at it and if you still like it go for it. Good hunting GB

[randan10@hotmail.com] picking up my new 2001 dutchman 27bh-m5 tomorrow found out it is best buy for quality and the money.we really shopped around looked at jayco,mallard trailite,wilderness sunnybrook,holiday rambler go with what you see and compare and something else im a mechanic (heavy equipment} have been for 20 years i know what to look for.

[John] I&#039m tempted to paint yellow lemons all over my Thor Industries piece of junk. Read the review I posted on ours:

Last straw was, the slideout leaked, the carpet got wet & mildewed. Thor or the pukes at McClains in OKC wouldn&#039t replace it--all under warranty.

Use your money as kindling in your fireplace instead of bying Thor Trash.

[Chris] I had a Dutchman Classic 22&#039 that I bought in September and traded 6 months later because of the leaks that I could not stop. I traded to a Prowler that I had no trouble with. I&#039ve since inspected several Thor products, Dutchman, Trailite, and Citation and found leaks with major damage on units 1 -2 years old.
I would avoid Thor products whenever possible.

[Fuzzy] Bought a new Dutchmen in 1998 (a new 97) with a double slide the unit has been excellent with no leaks or slide problems...The mattress is of poor quality but an egg crate cushion took care of that. I have a friend who bought a Citation the same year and he loves it.

[Rick] I have to agree with most of the other posters regarding Dutchmen (Thor), they are inexpensive, but like most other products on the market, &#039you get what you pay for&#039.

I would suggest a Coachmen or Shasta (which is now owned by Coachmen).

[Teresa] I can understand your comment when comparing to a Fleetwood product because they too have had their problems even though I feel it is superior than a Dutchman - on the interior of most of the fleetwood products (mallard, wilderness, etc. - they would compare to the "appearance" that Dutchman has) - but if you actually compared the Dutchman with the Sunnybrook or a Holiday Rambler products you definately had to be going by price only. They are far better products than a dutchman. They are a lot higher in price ("you get what you pay for") and I am sure that was the comparison but that is like comparing a Lexus to a Yugo - they are not even in the same parking lot. Being a mechanic for such a long time would be a huge asset in looking at motorhomes. Dutchman is far away from so called "heavy" equipment. I could give tons of examples of friends that have made the same choice and within a year (one summer of camping) have traded in for a better quality built TT and 5vers.

If you are a "holiday camper" (normally Memorial Day, 4th of July & Labor Day only) then a dutchman will probably serve the purpose but for anyone that uses their unit through out the spring, summer and fall - dutchman is not a TT or 5ver for you.

Good luck - hope you have better luck than all of the other owners we know.