Dutchmen camper lift cable


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The lift system cable on our Dutchmen camper snapped while we were raising our camper. My husband and I have camped for years, and have never heard of this happening. Obviously this is a danger, as the cap weighs a few hundred pounds (our cable broke while the cap was about 4 feet in the air and came down with such force that it split the camper cap). Dutchmen, Thor, and RV America are not returning our calls, if anyone has had this similar problem, please email me at sur5er31198@earthlink.net

I am concerned about the saftey of this as you must have your hands under the cap while it is being rasised/lowered and also while you are installing the saftey poles after the cap is raised.

Also, when we inspected the cable after it snapped, we noticed that the cable was shredded from the lift system...as if it had been shredded each time the cap was raised/lowered. We have used our camper less than a dozen times. Any info regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated