Dutchmen Class A

I've got a Dutchmen Class A MH. It's a good machine - but I feel like an orphan. Nobody can give me much data on this beast. Dutchmen only did Class A from 93-96....
Thor (parent co) won't return any e-mails....
NADA can't give me a value....
Anybody know anything about this machine?
How do I get a real price to sell it, (or get a loan, etc?)

C Nash

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Dutchmen Class A

Dan, your bank or insurance agent should be able to give you a pretty good idea of the value. It should be in about the same price range as other similiar units in like condition.
Dutchmen Class A

Actually, my bank can't help me - they rely on NADA... I hadn't considered the State Farm guys. Thanks.
I'm still looking for anybody else w/ experience w/ Dutchmen "A"...