DVD operation

This is crazy. Usually watch only cable, sat. or over the air TV but recently we wanted to watch a DVD. The problem was we got the surround sound but not the center channel sound so no voices. Any body have any suggestions?
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In our surround system the dvd,sat,vcr are all tied together. Looked inside cabinent behind equipment & into a wiring nightmare.

For ours to work the vcr has to be on & set to channel 3. If not ...no surround sound.

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Jim, do you EVER hear anything from that CENTER speaker?

If not, it could simply be the WIRES that go to the back of the speaker. Wiggle them. If the CENTER comes back on then you are now a technician.

All 'channels' in your system use separate amps. So if ONE channel is out that usually would point to the amplifier in your system.

My last Sony amp had the center channel go dead. That's the only way I knew it. I put in a DVD.
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Thks all. When I do the sound check, all speakers work. Its some dang setting on the 3472 button remote control. I'll keep trying. I get the center sound when watchinf suround movies on sat.


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If you get it normally but do not get it with the dvd player, I would suspect the wiring for dvd player or player itself.
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I figured it out!!!!!!! I had the system set to 5.1. The dvd was a dolby but not 5.1 so no center sound. My problem is I have four tv's, three dvd players and they are all different. You try to keep up with seven, count'em, seven remotes plus the satellite remotes. Makes a grown man want to cry.