Electircal Outlet Problems, no idea

1984 Empress Triple E Motor Home - 454 motor.
I was plugged into an electrical outlet running a floor heater, when I unplugged the floor heater I noticed a small spark. After that I could not get any of the pluggins to work. Below is a list of the things I have tried to get them working. Everything else in the motorhome seems to work ok.

- Flipped all the breakers on converter box
- Replaced all fuses in converter box
- Checked all fuses running from battery location
- Pulled off all electrical outlet covers looking for a reset switch

Here are a few questions that I have

- Are the only breakers and fuses on the converter and in the battery location, or are there others I should be looking for.

- Will my battery meter read full when I am plugged into a outside power source (it doesn't)

Any suggestions on what to check would really help alot, I am completely stumped on figuring this out. Please suggest anything


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Electircal Outlet Problems, no idea

Do you have any 120V-ac power? It sounds like you may have tripped the circuit breaker that supplies power to the cord of the RV. Have you checked to be sure that there is power there? What is the current rating of the circuit that you have the motorhome plugged into? If it is a household outlet it is probably only 15A and you may well have tripped that. Start at the source of power and make sure it is there.
Electircal Outlet Problems, no idea

Yes it is a house that I am plugged into, There is power going through the extension cord. I have also checked the kitchen and bathroon for the CFGI couldn'y find anything, going to see if there is an outlet that i am over looking. Any other ideas please let me know.