Electric Adapters

[Mary] Now that we are just about ready to take our travel trailer out for its first over nite, we are wondering if we will need any adapters for the electric hook ups at the camp sites. We see the 30amp to 50amp adapters & 50amp to 30amp adapters available in catalogs but don&#039t know if we would need one. Appreciate your advice.
Electric Adapters

[travelers1999] you won&#039t need any if you come to visit us at SugarMillRV in Thomasville, GA, we supply them! But seriously, you may need them, yes. We have some sites with just 50amp service and you need that 50-30.
Electric Adapters

[Butch] First off, what amp service does your RV require? Some have a 50 amp cord, most have a smaller 30 amp cord and almost all RV&#039s are supplied with a 30 to 15/20 amp adapter. If you have a 50 amp service then you should carry a "dogbone" adapter reducing it to a 30 amp service then further reducing it to a 15 amp service with an additional adapter. If you have the 30 anp service, which resembles a household dryer plug, then you would only need to carry the one 30 to 15 amp adapter and of course the 15 amp adapter resembles a regular household plug. The 50 amp service plug has four prongs. Happy motoring, Butch - Nancy Lake, Alaska
Electric Adapters

[Mary] Our travel trailer (Tow-Lite by Hi Lo) has 30amp. We did purchase the 15amp adapter today so we can plug into the garage outlet the night prior to leaving to get the refrigerator going. But by the sounds of it, we had better get the dog bone 50 to 30amp adapter also. Now it is starting to all make sense. Thanks everyone for your help.
Electric Adapters

[Jim M] Butch: Nice reply, have noticed your name before,here and elsewhere, your replys are always informative, knowledgeable and courteous--kudos. An additional comment on the 50 amp 4 prong vs the 30 amp 3 prong. You are right, the 30 amp, while it is a special rv connector does resemble a "dryer plug". I have had poor luck finding it at the hardware store, but Lowes does occasionaly carry both male and female variety. The interesting thing though is that the 50 amp 220 plug or socket is identical to the 220 electric range outlet in your home. It is readily available at any hardware store! Thought you might find this interesting if you hadn&#039t noticed. Jim M