Electric outlet won&#039t work

[Sam] I shorted a computer speaker and now the outlet it was plugged into won&#039t work. I cjecked breakers and fuses, all seem to be okay. Do I replace outlet or what?
Electric outlet won&#039t work

[Les Adams] Sam,

Verify that the outlet is/is not working by either plugging a lamp or voltmeter into it and checking for voltage...

If it is not, go back to the breaker panel and reset (turn off and on) the breaker... Very often they can trip and it is difficult to tell by looking at the breaker and trying to actually see if it is tripped... Best just to reset it...

If there is still no voltage at outlet, pull the receptacle and check for electrical damage... This should be pretty easy to spot by examining the outlet...

I don&#039t quite understand why shorting a speaker would damage the outlet, but getting the outlet working again should be a fairly simple precedure... By the way, if you don&#039t feel comfortable working around electricity, call an electrician rather than risk a severe electrical shock...

Best Regards,
Electric outlet won&#039t work

[Reginald Legare] Another possibility Sam. On my trailer there is a GFI (ground fault interrupting) oulet outside the trailer. Some outlets inside the trailer are connected to the GFI outlet. If the GFI outlet trips, and it would if you shorted a speaker, the outlets in the trailer go dead. A GFI outlet has test and reset buttons.
Push the reset if you have a GFI outlet anywhere in the trailer.
Good luck.