Electric Self Leveling Travel Trailer?


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Motorhomes and Fifth Wheels have them, but I have not seen any on the travel trailers. Any reason you couldn't add them if you didn't mind the weight and you wanted to spend the bucks? Supposedly they will work in pairs so as to not put twisting forces on the frame. The motorhome article I read said they lift the unit up slightly off its suspension and provide a very stable unit that will not rock when people move about. Imagine pulling up to your site, unhitching, level front to back and pushing the auto level button and its done! What do you think? (besides I have to much time on my hands)

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Electric Self Leveling Travel Trailer?

Hi Adam, yes you could install them on a trailer, HWH says theres will work on trailers and I think I've seen something from Big Foot about theirs and trailers, so I say go for it if you want. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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Electric Self Leveling Travel Trailer?

Heres some info I got back from the makers of the ultrapower II sold at Camping World,(POWER TWIN II STABILIZER Catalog Item # 22877 $584.10
Member Price Reg. $649.00) its not a automatic leveling unit and it appears you have to buy two, a "unit" for the front and a "unit" for the back if I am reading it right! I have gotten mixed responses from its ok to install to no travel tralier frames are not sturdy enough to handle it. I will be at the Nash factory this weekend so I will ask them. If I get any other info I will post it.

From: Marv
Ultrapower twin II


1) controls, one toggle switch per jack leg, usually mounted in a protected area (storage area or inside the coach) no control pad, that is provided with the install.
2) operation, one switch per leg with control of up or down. Each leg functions independently, this allows for leveling
3) Location, mounted to the coach frame, with about 5 to 6" of jack below the frame. Usually bolted to frame, some weld to frame (not advised)
4) Power , this is a 12 volt system, it can be powered by the tow vehicle power source or and independent power supply on the coach.
5) system weight, you will be adding about 150 # per unit to the coach weight. (one jack has 2 legs, considered as one unit) if you install one front and back = 2 units
6) ground clearance, the jack leg has 30" of travel
7) installation manual, we are in the process of developing detailed CAD drawings and a comprehensive details for the installation, not complete as of this date.
we do have instructions available, but needs improvement.

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Now have gotten a reply back from "Power Plus" this is the only true electric auto level system I could find. Depending on your travel trailer ground clearance they have three different lifting jacks. Standard vertical, swing vertical & scissor lift. There website is www.powerpluslevelers.com full list price for parts only is $3599.00 looks like I will stick to manually leveling for now!

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Electric Self Leveling Travel Trailer?

One of the guys I work with put them on his new 5er. They weren't the automatic kind, he has a remote control that he uses to level left to right and then front to back. I've not seen the system but he loves it.