Electric step problem

I have a 1993, 28', Fleetwood Bounder, purchased new in November 1992, which I have properly maintained.

2 years ago, I damaged my Kwikee electric step and had to replace it. I had the replacement done by Camping World in Denver. The step worked for a couple of days. Then, the step would only extend when the door was opened and retract when the door was closed. On occasion, the step would not retract when the door was closed requiring reopening and reclosing the door. Returning to Camping World, the step was checked and adjustments made. Once again it worked for a short time and then the same situation reoccured. I returned to Camping World twice more with the same results.

Finding it burdensome and time consuming with a 2 hour drive each way from home, to keep returning to Camping World, we lived with the step as it was. The on/off switch at the door which should have kept the step out when in the off position did not work, the dash switch did not work and the step did not retract when the engine was started. However, the step did retract when the door was closed and did extend when the door was opened.

I called Kwikee and tried to talk to someone about the problem. However, the person that I was able to talk to was not cooperative. The summary of the conversation was that the step could not be at fault.

Although, the original step had worked perfectly for 13 years, I thought that it might be a wiring problem from aging. Consequently, I contacted an automotive electrical service locally in Colorado Springs and had the wiring and switches fully checked out. Those were all in good condition and the electrician's diagnosis was a faulty R & R control module in the step.

While deciding how to further pursue the situation, Camping World opened a facility near Colorado Springs. I discussed the problem with the service department and decided to make an appointment to have them try to fix the step now having some evidence that it was a step problem.

Camping World did a diagnostic and also decided that it was the R & R control module that was the problem. They contacted Kwikee and received a new R & R module and replaced the apparently defective one.

I picked up the motorhome and checked the step and all switches. Everythoing worked perfectly and I was elated until I got back home, about a 25 mile drive.

As I tried to set the step to remain extended while I prepared the motorhome to be hooked up at my home, I found the the step would not stay out with the door closed. I immediately checked all switches and found that the step was not responding to any settings. The steps would extend when the door was opened and would retract when the door was closed. that's all.

Now, I was right back where I had started 2 years ago. Camping World wants to recheck the problem but before I have them do anymore work, I thought that I would try posting the problem on some RV forums and see if anyone has any idea as to the cause of the situation.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Maybe an exorcism is need.



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Re: Electric step problem

I would say, take it back one more time but this time, check "EVERYTHING" while your there.....I assume your check while there the last time where you said "everything worked perfectly" ment also the switch controls, correct???
Re: Electric step problem

The biggest problem I find with the steps that have been recently installed is that the technician didn't get the wire harnes plug seated properly. Sometimes I have to break out the old channel locks and squeeze the large plug to make sure its seated all the way.
Re: Electric step problem

Thanks for the replies.

To answer Archer, yes I thoroughly checked all combinations of switches twice. It was working flawlessly.

To answer S. Harrington, I will call their attention to this when I return it to CW for another checkup.

If it works again at CW, I also plan to drive a short distance and then recheck instead of waiting until I get all of the way back home. I and CW were so sure that the problem was the R & R module that when the new module seemed to be working so well, we assumed. I know never assume as the saying goes.

Re: Electric step problem

In a situation such a this, the first place I would check is the ground. There should be a 10ga green wire going directly to the frame or the batt neg post. A bad ground can cause all kinds of grief with these steps.