Electric Tongue Jack

As I approach "Codgerdom", I thought it might be a good idea to check out putting an electric tongue jack on the old bumper pull. Seems especially appropriate as I was hooking up yesterday in 97 degree temps. Being the mechanic that I am I have no idea what might fit my trailer. I see jacks that fit 2" and 2 1/4" tongues, but have no idea how to find out what size to buy. If anybody has any information about these things would appreciate the help. Also any recommendations on manufacturers?
Electric Tongue Jack

at my job i've always seen atwood's. i do believe that is the name. as for the size im not really sure how to find out or figure out
Electric Tongue Jack

All couplers have the same bolt pattern for the jacks. Any make of electric jack will bolt up and work. Just make sure it is strong enough for the tounge weight of you trailer. Most have ratings on the box for comparison. Atwood is a good jack, but it won't be the least expensive. We have one in our store we sell for $179.00 and only one in 5 years of selling has gone bad. They replaced it with no questions. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name. If you want to know, I can get back to you.
Electric Tongue Jack

The difference in the jack sizes has to do with the weight of the trailer. If your trailer is over 22 feet long you probably need the larger one.
Electric Tongue Jack

hey grandview is there a way you can wire a electric tongue jack without having a battery there. such as when my trailer is connected to my truck it uses the truck power to power it. is that possible?
Electric Tongue Jack

If you have a hot or "charge" line off your truck, it could be wired through the trailer plug and get 12 volts that way. You would have to have the 6 or 7 prong plug. I have not done it, but it would work.
Electric Tongue Jack

I don't know. With your lights on also, there might be too much amp. draw and you could blow the fuse for your lights. Try it, you might get away with it, just know where the fuse is and have some spares.
Electric Tongue Jack

yea good point. does anyone know how people hook up electric tongue jacks on car trailers without batteries. thats what i got and thats what i want
Electric Tongue Jack

What works well is if you get a 12 volt cigeratte like lighter unit and mount it on you back bumber underside, and run wireing from it straight to your vehicle battery, and connect the jack wireing to the male 12 volt unit that connects to the female cigeratte type 12 volt lighter unit and you are good to go. Later Jim
Electric Tongue Jack

Grandview and Jkill -Thanks for the help. Now that I understand the size and relationship to trailer weight, I'm ready to go. Grandview no need for the extra trouble. I'm going to shop around. Again, thanks.
Electric Tongue Jack

It should be just fine up under your vehicle, the male plug fits snuggly into the female unit and it is pretty protected, But I guess you could wrap a piece of tape around it, IF you wanted some extra protection.
Also another Idea you might want to add to your trailer while you are doing that is run another 12 volt wire back to your trailer wheel area where you can power a 12 volt air compressor. Later Jim
RE: Electric Tongue Jack

We have a 22 foot Arctic Fox trailer. What electric tongue jack brand would you say is the best? What weight would you recommend? and... is it necessary/needed?